BizBudg Corporate

For larger business who have multiple stores/cost centres particularly if they are geographically dispersed BizBudg Corporate assists to manage the budget process and instantly consolidates unlimited cost centres and versions from multiple users.
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Here's how BizBudg Corporate can help you: Minutes to Set-Up

Bizbudg is designed to help you create your business budget profit and loss in minutes. Whether you know what you are doing and have had enough of the spreadsheet issues or whether you don't even know where to start!

Easy to Maintain

BizBudg makes it easy to add new users, new business units, new accounts or a whole new structure as you grow and change

Multiple Users

You can have any number of people in your organisation access the same data at the same time!

Easy to Use

You don't need to be an accountant to understand and use BizBudg, so those on the front-line, who are responsible for their budget, can be involved in budgeting.

No Spreadsheets

Up to 80% of the typical budget process is involved in creating, distributing, editing, collecting and consolidating spreadsheets. Shouldn't you be using that time to steer your business?

Reduced Budget Collection Time

Reduce the time to create a new budget significantly. Most businesses take up to a month just to get started each year. Change this to minutes!!


Start forecasting now with built in forecasting functionality. Moving to value-add functions during the budget process is what you should be doing, so that your financial information has value.


Get your Profit and Loss statement as soon as you have finished entering data!

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